Fluid Pictures Inc. has over 30yrs. experience in TV/Film production with its main focus on moving cameras. With 15 Emmy awards and over 40 nominations we have always been an innovator and trend setter using the right gear for the right purpose.

Defy Dactylcam Pro 24v | Cable Cam System for Rent | Cablecam | Overhead Tracking System
The Dactylcam Pro is point to point cablecam built for broadcast, live event coverage, and branded content. The Dactylcam Pro is Simple, Safe, Smart, and incredibly powerful.
Furio Dolly | Rail Cam System for Rent | Railcam Camera Tracking System
furio dolly
Furio Dolly is the latest camera movement system that we have for rental. The system consists of a Motorized dolly, Telescopic lift, and 2 axis remote head all operated by a single camera operator.
Towercam | Telescoping Camera Column | Tower Cam
The Towercam is an innovative telescoping column that comes in various sizes. Together with a remote head system allows for the camera to be used in new and unusual ways.
Remote Camera Head Rentals | VariZoom Talon | Newton S2 | Stabilized Remote Heads for Rent
remote head
Our remote head selection round out our equipment base and can be used where no operator can or should go. Used in the right spot, fixed remote heads can achieve shots that no operator can get.
Jimmy Jib Triangle | Camera Crane rental | Stanton Video Service Jimmy Jib Rental
jimmy jib
The Triangle Jib has fast become the industry standard for modular remote jib arms.
An award winning invention by Garrett Brown that has been a staple in film productions for many years, we helped pioneer its use as a staple in television productions.
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