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remote head

Our remote head selection round out our equipment base and can be used where no operator can or should go. Used in the right spot, fixed remote heads can achieve shots that no operator can get.

Newton S2 Stabilized Camera Head for Rent
newton s2 stabilized head
The Newton S2 is a high performance, compact and versatile gyro stabilized remote head that delivers stable shots for highly dynamic live broadcast and film productions.
Varizoom Talon Remote Camera Head for Rent
talon remote head
The Talon remote head is a high quality compact pan / tilt camera head complete with full motion control capabilities.
Varizoom Talon Mini Remote Camera Head for Rent
talon mini remote head
Same features as the regular sized Talon but in a compact package.
Stanton Triangle Camera Head for Rent
stanton triangle head
Stanton Triangle Head is a 2-axis remote head. The unique internal head cables allows for over 600 degrees of pan rotation with no tangled wires or slip rings.
Stanton MiniCamera Head for Rent
stanton mini head
A small low profile remote head that can support up to 25 lb. of camera.
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